Insurance Claims Process

Insurance Claims Process

If you fear that your roof and/or surrounding property may have been damaged by a storm or other weather related incidents, contact us immediately for a cost-free, no obligation, comprehensive inspection. One of our project managers will advise you on the proper course of action to ensure your insurance company fairly assesses the damage and compensates you accordingly.

If you have already contacted your insurance company, and have received an adjustment assessing the damage, contact one of our associates and we will guide you through the remainder of the insurance claim repair process.

Our project managers have extensive experience with insurance companies regarding hail and wind-damage claims, and will answer any and all questions or concerns you may have from start to finish. We will communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure all assessments are completed according to applicable city and county roofing codes and guidelines. We will provide the building permit and notify the city building department for a final inspection of the repairs.

What to expect from Formula Roofing and Remodeling

Formula Roofing & Remodeling implements a streamlined process to repair your property in a timely, professional, and hassle-free manner. The project manager assigned to your replacement will be available throughout the duration of the project, addressing any concerns that should arise. Once you contact your insurance company, we will take care of the rest! From meeting with the adjuster to scheduling the final inspection, your project manager will be there every step of the way.

Initial Communication

A Formula Roofing & Remodeling expert will meet with your insurance adjuster to thoroughly evaluate the storm damage to your roof and property. Together, they will determine the scope of repair work and reach an agreement on pricing. If unforeseen code-related issues arise on the job, we will supplement your insurance company accordingly to ensure you never have to pay out-of-pocket.


Our project manager will contact you within 48 hours of your material delivery to confirm an installation date. In most cases, materials will be shipped directly onto your roof.

Landscape Preservation

Protecting your home and its surroundings is our main priority. Formula Roofing & Remodeling crews come prepared with tarps to cover your plants, flowers, and other landscaping that may be vulnerable to construction debris. Please visit our “Preparing for Your New Roof” page for additional information regarding day of install FAQ’s.

Weather Related Installation concerns

Our professional crews are trained to tear off only what can be decked, felted, and shingled in a day. When a crew is done for the evening, your roof will be tied-in at the ridge rows to provide a safe, water-tight transition in case inclement weather occurs.

Job Site Maintenance

Formula Roofing & Remodeling crews continuously clean up throughout the day. We conduct a thorough walk-through of the premises to remove any debris after each work day. Final cleanup includes blowing or sweeping your new roof, flushing gutters of debris, and using a high-powered magnet to pick up loose nails.


Formula Roofing & Remodeling offers $250.00 cash for any referral your provide us that result in a contract. Unmatched craftsmanship and dedicated customer service are our finest marketing tools. We are confident you will want friends and neighbors to have the same positive experience as you in dealing with Formula Roofing & Remodeling’s roofing experts.