Roofing and Remodeling FAQ’s

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Formula Roofing & Remodeling is a member of the BBB with an “A+” rating. You can visit our listing on the Better Business Bureau site by clicking here.

Do you have Denver roofing references?
We have both commercial and residential references available upon request.

How long does a roofing installation or remodeling project take?
One of the major benefits of working with an experienced Denver roofing company, like Formula Roofing & Remodeling, is that it only takes one day, in most cases, to complete an installation. However, the size of your roof and/or home remodeling project in addition to weather conditions factor into the amount of time it takes for completion.

How long have you been in business?
Formula Roofing recently merged with Custom Tile Roofing, serving the front range and beyond since 1982.

What type of warranty do you have for labor and materials?
Formula Roofing & Remodeling provides you with a five year labor warranty on normal installation. Different materials have different manufacturer warranties. They range anywhere from 20 years to lifetime warranties. Ask your representative for details about the product you are purchasing.

When is payment due for my roof?
On residential re-roofing projects, payment is due in full upon substantial completion of the roof. If you are dealing with an insurance claim, we ask for the first check as soon as you receive it. Your Formula Roofing & Remodeling representative will invoice your insurance company for the remainder of the roof upon completion. Insurance companies will release the second portion as soon as the roof is completed and they have received an invoice. Final payment is due when you receive your second check. This is usually about seven to ten business days after the completion of your roof. For larger or commercial projects we generally ask for 1/3 upon material delivery, 1/3 mid-way through the project installation, and the final 1/3 upon completion.

What if my insurance check is made out to the mortgage company?
Most insurance companies will include your mortgage company on the first check. Every mortgage company has its own procedure for releasing funds. You can check with your mortgage company before the job starts to find out what information they require to obtain endorsement, or you can sign a homeowner’s affidavit and let Formula Roofing & Remodeling take care of everything for you. We are very experienced in mortgage company procedures, and in most cases we already have the information needed because we have worked with your company in the past.